What are the components of an automated car assembly line?

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Cars are the most common type of travel now. With the improvement of people’s economic and living standards, cars have entered thousands of households, and their manufacturing is gradually being produced and assembled by automated equipment. Today I will introduce It's an automobile assembly line. What do you know about the automobile assembly line?



The development status of automobile assembly line technology

As the most important part of automobile manufacturing, automobile final assembly process affects market competitiveness in terms of scale, quality, immediacy, cost and product advancement. At present, the automobile assembly process technology is developing towards the trend of modularization, automation, flexibility and intelligent digitalization. In the environment of fierce market competition, these technological trends are developing from the superior technology of enterprise competition to another necessary technology for enterprise competition.


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Automobile assembly line equipment

The automobile assembly line is generally an organic whole composed of conveying equipment (air suspension and ground) and professional equipment (such as lifting, turning, pressing, heating or cooling, testing, bolt and nut fastening equipment, etc.). Automobile assembly line equipment mainly includes: transportation equipment used in automobile assembly line, engine and front and rear axle assembly line equipment, various oil filling equipment, factory inspection equipment and various special automobile assembly line equipment.

With the development of the automobile industry and parts industry, the technical level of the automobile assembly line has also been greatly improved. We are paying more and more attention to the assembly and factory tests that directly affect the quality and service life of automobile products and the final link of automobile production, which promote the improvement of automobile product assembly, test technology and equipment technology level.



1. Conveying equipment: used for the conveying of the automobile assembly line, the assembly line of each total component and the on-line of the large assembly;


2. On-line equipment for the large assembly line of the automobile: refers to the conveying and hoisting equipment used by the engine, front axle, rear axle, cab, wheel and other assemblies in the subassembly, assembled and sent to the general assembly line and on-line at the corresponding station;


3. Various oil filling equipment: including fuel, lubricating oil, detergent, coolant, brake fluid, refrigerant and other automobile assembly line filling equipment;


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4. Ex-factory testing equipment: toe test bench, side slip test bench, steering test bench, headlamp detector, brake test bench, speedometer test bench, exhaust gas analyzer;


5. Special vehicle assembly line equipment: car number marking machine, rib fastening equipment, special equipment for wheel assembly, automatic glue spreader, hydraulic bridge loading trolley.




Through the above introduction to the composition of the automobile assembly line, I believe you have a certain understanding of automation equipment. We will continue to push car painting machine, car welding machine, smart car parking system, intelligent warehouse and other related knowledge for you. You can also log in to our official website in advance for more information.

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