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VOCs Treatment Solutions

PIAOMA focuses on the treatment of industrial waste gases from automobile coatings.According to the production process of automobile painting, the exhaust gas of painting mainly comes from the spraying and drying process. The main pollutants include: paint mist and organic solvent produces by spraying, and organic solvent produced by drying and volatilizing. The paint mist mainly comes from the flying part of the solvent-based paint in the air spraying operation, and its composition is consistent with the paint used; the organic solvent mainly comes from the solvent and diluent in the process of coating, most of them are volatile emissions, its main pollutants are xylene, benzene, toluene and so on. Therefore, the main source of harmful exhaust gas emitted by painting is spray room, drying room and drying room.
After more than 20 years of development and application, PIAOMA provides the solution for the exhaust gas problem in automobile coating industry. And PIAOMA can provide a range of services such as design,production and installation to effectively solve the problem of waste gas treatment and emission from coating process for customers.

Painting VOCs Treatment Solutions


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