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Smart Sorting Solutions

Aiming at the problems of high labor cost, low management efficiency and high order error rate in traditional storage operation, PIAOMA independently develops intelligent storage robot system and provides a high efficient intelligent storage solution. The project involves three core modules: intelligent warehousing robot, robot scheduling system (RCS) and intelligent warehousing management system (iWMS). With the core idea of machine-for-person, workers only need to do necessary operations at the worktable operation terminal. This solution can satisfy all kinds of warehousing business needs, such as purchasing and warehousing, production and receiving materials, finished products and so on, it can significantly enhance the efficiency and management level of storage operations in e-commerce sorting centers, 3C manufacturing, traditional manufacturing, medical, food and automobile manufacturing industries. Besides, it supports the business functions of storage management, such as cold and heat analysis, shelf position adjustment, shelf arrangement, intelligent inventory counting, etc. The operating terminal interface supports visual management

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