Research on Automated Assembling Process of Automobile Tire

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With the increase in platform models of automobile OEMs and the requirements for mixed-line production of multiple models, rising labor costs and shortening of production lead times, automobile assembly plants have greatly increased their sensitivity to advanced assembly technology and automation equipment. All automobile factories are upgrading the technical level of final assembly process equipment, adopting more advanced assembly equipment to improve product quality, in order to meet the requirements of emerging markets and improve product market competitiveness.



Technical background and status quo of new technology for automatic tire assembly

German Industry 4.0 will promote the "standardization of factories", use the standardization of smart factories to promote the manufacturing production model to the international market, use standardization to improve the marketization efficiency of technological innovation and model innovation, and continue to maintain the world's leading position of German industry. In this context, the automotive industry will build automotive manufacturing projects based on the concept of smart factories. In the future, factories will be endowed with wisdom. It can meet customer needs through a natural and foreseeable production method in accordance with customer needs.


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There is still a big gap between the number of robots in China and the number of robots in the automotive industry in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Therefore, efforts to achieve unmanned and automated assembly will become the future development direction of mainstream automobile OEMs.



New technology for automatic tire assembly

1. Technical goals

It is necessary to achieve the quality objectives, cost objectives and time objectives of automated tire assembly, and complete the "Technical Plan for the New Process of Automated Tire Assembly" to provide a basis for the layout of automated tire assembly processes in future smart factories.



2. Tire nut selection device

It is composed of a nut oscillating conveying device and an automatic batching bin. Among them, the nut belongs to the conveying device, which accepts the nut conveyed from the silo and performs positioning to ensure that the nut can accurately enter the tightening shaft sleeve.


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3. Tire grabbing and positioning device

The tire positioning device is the core component of the automatic assembly of tires. It is necessary to ensure that the installation, layout and debugging are qualified. The tire gripping system consists of a tire clamping mechanism, a tire model identification system, an electric tightening mechanism and a 3D vision system.



4. 3D visual alignment device

Before tire installation, a 3D vision alignment system is adopted. Take a picture of the brake disc, collect the error of the car body after stopping and the error of the brake disc spatial angle, and compensate the trajectory of the robot during the movement to ensure the accurate installation of the tire.



The above analysis and solution of the new process technical solutions for tire automated assembly have very good results in terms of core product structure analysis, early-stage equipment selection and identification, required equipment cost input, reduction of manufacturing process risks and improvement of product quality. Follow us to learn more about lead acid batteries motorcycle assembly line and automatic motorcycle battery assembly line.

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