Modern Logistics System and Its Transportation Mechanism

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We know that the modern logistics system has strong time and space. With the development of technology and economy, different materials, transportation distances, and transportation requirements will have different transportation forms and transportation mechanisms. So, there are many different transportation tools in logistics Park, such as semi electric pallet truck, electric pallet lift and small electric pallet jack and so on. In this article, we will talk about modern logistics system and its transportation mechanism.


Modern logistics system


The modern logistics system is to implement CIMS technology in the condition of comprehensive information integration and highly automated environment, which serves for users need based on market feedback information and quickly arranges, reasonably changes production plans, and effectively implements production management and control.


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On the whole, it simplifies the organizational structure and reduces the vertical management level, increases the horizontal management scope, replaces the traditional stepped organizational structure with a flexible, project-based organizational structure. And it minimizes the functions of the central management department. The modern logistics system enables the maximum utilization of technical resources, equipment resources and human resources, which greatly improves the agility of operations, and significantly enhances the ability to adapt to changes in market demand. 


Common conveying mechanism and its function


The materials conveyed by the conveying mechanism include blanks, workpieces, tools, fixtures, inspection tools and chips etc. The methods of storing materials include flat pallet warehouses and automated three-dimensional warehouses with large storage capacity. There are many forms and types of material conveying systems, and different material conveying methods and conveying devices must be used for different manufacturing workshops, working environments and production requirements. At present, the most practical ones are mainly as follows:


Conveyor system


The conveying system mainly includes chain conveyors, roller conveyors etc., which are transported in the form of slat conveyor belts, slat conveyor chains etc. In the CIMS environment, the conveyor line system is equipped with multiple automatic stations, and uses sensors, identification codes and other control devices to accurately transfer the materials or feeding trays in place.


These sensors and the conveying line are controlled by a computer to form a conveying system with various complex functions. The conveying system greatly reduces the comprehensive labor intensity of workers in modern enterprises. So it is an important conveying device used to improve work efficiency. It is suitable for the production of large assembly lines, large or dense parts, such as engine box processing, car engine assembly line and so on.


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Industrial robot


The industrial robot automatic conveying system is mainly composed of a handling robot, a robot arm, a workpiece automatic identification system, an automatic starting device, and an automatic transmission device. It is suitable for the occasions of automatic workpiece handling, especially the high degree of automation in the modern logistics system, industrial and other occasions, which greatly improves production efficiency and the degree of automation.




It is the machine that mainly completes the transportation and handling operations in the three-dimensional warehouse. It is a special crane developed with the application of the three-dimensional warehouse. Usually one roadway is equipped with one stacker, and sometimes two roadways or multiple roadways use one stacker. The vertical Y and vertical Z operation of the stacker adopts frequency conversion speed control, which makes each mechanism operate efficiently and change speed smoothly. So, it greatly improves the reliability of the warehouse and shortens the operation cycle.

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