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High Risk Working Environment

Today's power industry is in a period of vigorous development, and the commissioning of a large number of new substations has made human resources increasingly tense. The substation attendants conduct manual inspections, mainly through the senses such as seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, etc., to make simple qualitative judgments on the operating equipment. Due to the greater influence of personal factors, there is the possibility of missed inspections and missed discoveries. On the other hand, patrol equipment needs to stand close to the equipment, which also poses a certain threat to the personal safety of patrol personnel, especially when inspecting phenomena, special patrols in severe weather, and finding causes of accidents. As a new detection method for substations, intelligent scouting robots can complete tasks that cannot be done manually, and have high practical value and broad application prospects.
In recent years, with the rapid development of petrochemical and other basic industries, the probability of fire accidents caused by flammable, explosive and highly toxic chemicals in production has also become higher. Further more, fire accidents in family life, forest fire etc. frequently occur ,not only cause huge losses to people and social property, but also bring life threats to accident personnel and rescuers. Fire-fighting robots are widely used in disaster sites such as hypoxia, dense smoke, toxic and harmful gas leakage caused by fires and explosions. They can replace firemen to carry out on-site rescues, conduct investigations, exhaust smoke, and extinguish fires in dangerous areas, effectively reduce casualties at the rescue site.


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